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Winery Industry

WineryAre you tired of paying for expensive health insurance benefits that your employees don’t use?

Sean Crisp & Associates Insurance Agency has been instrumental in pioneering integrated health insurance plans that lower premiums without sacrificing important benefits. Our IHIP plans have proven to be one of the most cost effective ways of delivering quality and affordable healthcare for your employees.

IHIP Wine Industry Plan Benefits:

  • Overall plan savings is 20-30%
  • Lower copays and deductibles
  • Lower out-of-pocket maximums
  • Benefit design flexibility
  • 12 month rate guarantee
  • Multiple HMO, PPO, or HSA plans side-by-side
  • Multiple carriers side-by-side
  • Rx benefits included in all medical plans
  • Broadest provider networks
  • Multi-State locations
  • No long-term or annual contracts
  • Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, EAP & Tele-Health benefits
  • IRS sanctioned
  • ERISA compliant
  • COBRA compliant