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IHIP Wellness Plan

Although Wellness plans have been around for almost a decade, they’ve never gained any attraction in the small and large group market. Many employers made the effort to help reduce premiums by rewarding good behavior. Although I will give them an “A” for effort, you should know by now that many employees are caught up in their day-to-day life cycle and don’t make the continued effort to stay in touch with the Employer-Sponsored “wellness-coach”. In fact, most have canceled their gym memberships by February. But with our IHIP approach to healthcare and wellness, we have figured out a more realistic way to reward good behavior within our group health clients. The less they use their medical plan benefits, the less likely they are to get an increase at the next annual open enrollment. Here’s how. Since the employer is funding a portion of the claims along with the employees, the employees are now directly involved in seeing the claims utilization process and feel empowered to see the less they use their IHIP plan, the less likely they will have a renewal increase in the following years to come.