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Group HRA Plans

Three Adult Employees Stand and Smile at the CameraNow that businesses have received their new ACA plans and rate increases, our integrated HRA health insurance plans are even more attractive. Our philosophy is simple and is one of the most cost effective ways to offer group health insurance in the marketplace today. We’ve been utilizing this program since 2002 and have had great success since! It really works well for those that qualify. Here are the perimeters;

  • Have at least 10 to 500+ employees.
  • Are currently enrolled on Silver, Gold or Platinum plan.
  • Contribute at least 100% of the ‘Employee Only’ premium.

Making one major change to your group health plan allows you to save premiums and design-build your benefits. You choose co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums for your employees.

With our integrated health insurance plan there is usually a substantial savings in monthly premium. We then utilize the savings to design specific benefits for the employees as they use them, and only if they use them. Whatever the employees don’t use the employer and employee saves. This is called an integrated HRA plan.

Ask us about our HRA benefits to match the previous Silver, Gold, or Platinum benefits.